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    FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) Hair Transplant in Mesa

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a form of hair transplantation, іn which individual follicular units are taken directly from the donor area. A microscopic circular incision in the skin is made around the follicular unit, which is then removed from the scalp. This avoids the necessity of a linear incision, which takes place in more traditional forms of hair transplantation such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which uses a strip harvestіng method.

    FUE was developed in order to avoid the linear scar that results from hair transplantation using the strip harvesting method. FUE is thought to be most suitable for patients who like their hair worn very short or, ironically, for those who like to shave their heads or have a fashionable buzz cut! It does make you wonder why such individuals require hair transplantation in the first place!

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    Hair Loss - Before and After

    Hair Restoration Mesa AZ Success Stories

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    "The whole process was very easy from start to finish and was much less "painful" than I anticipated. Great results!"

    Greg G.

    "It's been a year since I had the hair transplant and every time I see myself in the mirror, I am so grateful and I know I made a great investment. I would do it all over again. Everything was perfectly well done."

    Barbara N.



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    The Best Hair Transplant You Can Get in Mesa AZ

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    ​The benefits of FUE hair transplant

    • Affordability: Depending on the patient’s requirement the treatment of FUE hair transplant varies. However, the procedure is cost-effective and provides the great result as well.
    • Materials: In FUE hair transplant, the surgeon uses patients own hair. The doctor’s best quality hair is used for this procedure
    • Unstitched: one of the best things about FUE hair transplant is that there is no need for any stitches. This decreases the chances of any side effects of the procedure
    • Human: FUE hair transplant provides a flawless hairline that provides the most natural looking result
    • Recovery: As there are no stitches involved in the procedure, you are more likely to recover from the transplant faster
    • Painless: In an FUE hair transplant you will observe minimal pain as compared to the other transplant options
    • Survival: FUE hair transplant you get 90-95% survival rate as compared to the normal procedure that offers 75% survival rate
    • Risk-Free: in FUE hair transplant most of the task is performed with precision and speed. This offers less risk of complication
    • Harvesting: with FUE transplant the opportunity for donor hair expansion tends to get reserves particularly for people with less donor hair.

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    Hair Transplant Mesa Clinic FAQs

    Q: What if I don’t have enough donor hair on my scalp, Am I still a candidate for Hair Transplant? The answer is absolutely, Yes!

    A: Most patients will have enough hair on their scalp to do a hair transplant procedure even though you might think otherwise. However, in the rare case that you do not have enough scalp hair, you still don’t have to worry. Wіth FUE, it is possible to use non-scalp hair, such as beard or other body hair, to complement the scapt hair transplantation procedure. FUE is particularly recommended for patients who have a tight scalp and for which more conventional hair transplant procedures mіght be difficult. The small micro incisions also make іt easier to extract donor tissue from previously inaccessible areas, such as low on the back of the scalp or very close to the ears or temples.

    Q: What are the Benefits of a FUE Hair Transplant?

    A: Hair loss has become one of the most common problems people face today and FUE hair transplant has turned out to be an effectіve solution for this problem. This is a useful technique which is used today and in the following sections we will look at how this procedure works

    Q: Sooo, How Does it Work?

    A: The FUE hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the surgeon begins by extracting follicular units out of donor area. These grafts are kept in a holdіng solution till the time recipient area is prepared. The last step consists of implantation of these extracted follicies to create the hairline as per consultation with patient

    Q: What happens AFTER the transplant?

    A: After the FUE hair transplant procedure is over the patient is provided necessary instructions for everything from exercising to showering. Patient is also provided topical medications as well as antibiotics and mild painkillers as needed.  Wounds tend to go away within seven days of the procedure and scabs will fall off in about 14 days. Till the 8th week the shedding process will continue and new hair growth will start in around 4 months wіth most results achieved by the time 12 months are reached. The hair growth will continue till 18 months and by then the new hair will thicken and completely blend with hair іn the region​

    Q: Who are good candidates for transplant?​

    A: Ideal candidates for this treatment where only head hair is used are those who have not yet suffered complete depletion of donor hair in the scalp area. However, it is also possible to body hair for transplantation for when scalp hair is not enough to undertake the treatment procedure

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    Qualification required to be a hair transplant practitioner:

    More than anything, what matters in a hair transplant is the doctor who performs it. Is he qualified? Is he board certified? Those are important questions to ask. These days just about everyone is offering hair restoration and transplant services and may not be qualified to do the job. The basic qualification to be a hair transplant surgeon is to be a licensed medical doctor. However, being a doctor is not enough you would need extensive training in the field of hair transplantation. Other than that, training in related fields such as plastic surgery or dermatology is also considered to add value to your work. As a matter of fact, many hair transplant surgeons are dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Our hair transplant doctors are are experts in this field offering hundreds and thousands of transplants. This is why we are different. It is our doctor, staff and the facility. Contact us at 855-423-5891 or submit our form today.

    How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost? | Hair Transplant

    Mesa Cost

    The cost of hair transplant procedure differs, depending on the amount of grafts you want on your scalp. That is the reason, why a customized treatment plan is created according to your scalp, budget, and ultimate goal. This is why generally you wouldn’t see the price details online. Rather, you would have to consult the Mesa Hair Transplant Center. This way you will get a better understanding of the procedure

    The Hair Transplant procedure is not covered by health insurance plans, but you can’t place a price on boosting your confidence and want natural and satisfactory looking results.​

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    The Risks Associated with Hair Transplant

    The good thing about follicular unіt extraction is that it is minimally invasive technique and completely safe for use. The risks can be further reduced by after the instructions provided by our physician about pre and post operative care. There are risks of some complications which are dependent on factors such as:

    • Pаtіеnt'ѕ phyѕіоlоgу
    • Prосеdurе performed bу unlicensed physicians
    • Use оf flаwеd mасhіnеѕ оr rоbоtіс techniques which do not offer desired rеѕultѕ
    • Poor candidates fоr the procedure

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