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    Here are the areas in the body where coolsculpting treatment is carried out:

    Back & Bra Area

    Stomach / Abdomen

    Flank / Love Handles


    Neck Area (double chin)

    Coolsculpting® Schaumburg IL

    CoolSculpting® was designed and developed by distinguished doctors of Massachusetts General Hospital and scientists from Harvard University. CoolSculpting® is FDA approved, and it uses cooling technology to remove the fat cells without the need for surgery. It has minimum downtime. The fat cell removed from the treated areas offers noticeable and long lasting results that will help people look and feel their best.

    At times, even working out and strict diets aren't effective in shedding those extra pounds. We all have those stubborn areas where we feel that it is impossible to lose fat despite trying our level best. How wonderful will it be if you could find a way to reduce the fat without any exercise and diet?

    Well, now there is a way, and no we are not talking about surgery. There is a much safer, comfortable, and long-lasting way. Coolsculpting® is a medical procedure that will offer you amazing results and will transform your personality. All it needs is one treatment, and you will get a toned body that you have dreamed for so long.

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    What our clients have to say:

    Shane Melaugh

    “Best decision I ever made regarding my weight reduction”

    “I found coolsculpting in Schaumburg IL while searching in Google.  They had numerous positive reviews, and I was able to schedule a consultation the next day."

    Samantha Allen

    Shane Melaugh

    “Highly recommend this to anyone having trouble losing weight”

    “Going with the usual cliche, I tried everything.  Changed my diet, exercised when I could, and sought professional help thinking it was all in my mind.  Then a friend turned me on to coolsculpting Schaumburg, and I haven't looked back."

    Joe Stewart

    How Does it Work?

    Coolsculpting is a scientific breakthrough. Your fat cells freeze up at higher temperatures and coolsculpting technology targets the fat cells under the skin and cools them to a temperature where they are naturally dead. This process is called cryolipolysis. The process crystallizes the fat cells so that they are dead and as the fat cells crystallize faster as compared to the normal cells, thus the other cells will not be damaged.

    Eventually when the fat cells freeze, they shrink and die, and naturally, your body will metabolize them and thus eliminate the dead cells. While with exercise and diet only the size is reduced, with coolsculpting once the fat is gone and you will be left with a lean body. With each treatment, you will lose about 20% of your fat cells, and with every session, you will improve the results offering an additional 20% reduction of fat cells.

    The CoolSculpting treatment features an array of applicators that are optimized to work effectively on different body types. To reduce excess fat with Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting applicator cups make use of vacuum pressure so that the tissue is drawn to the cooling panels. During the procedure, the applicator provides specifically controlled cooling conditions that target the fat cells and eliminate them from the body.

    For a Coolsculpting Schaumburg IL consultation, submit the form on this page or call us at: 847-961-4365.

    Benefits of Coolsculpting

    Comfortable and Convenient Procedure

    The session only takes 60 minutes which means you would not be stuck in a procedure that takes forever. The procedure is comfortable; initially, you will feel a burst of cold air and consequently dull pressure.

    Natural Results

    Once you start the procedure, the treated area will eventually look smoother and toned. You will get a lean body in the following six months. The frozen fat cells will be naturally making their way out in the initial two months. However, there have been cases where the patient has seen a fat reduction in just three to four weeks.

    The Procedure Will Reduce Stubborn Fat

    Coolsculpting helps in reducing the stubborn fat that doesn’t shed with exercises and diet. It targets the desired area and kills the fat cells and gives you the desired body over time.

    Coolsculpting Is Non-Evasive

    Considering that no needles or surgical equipment are used, you can be assured that there will have no side effects and injuries in the procedure. In CoolSculpting you would not even need an anesthesia.

    The Difference Between Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

    Before anything, it is important that you know the difference between fat reduction and fat loss. Generally, people use fat reduction and fat loss in the same context, but actually, they are two different things. See, when you lose weight, the fat cells reduce in size, but the fat cells remain same in number. However, when we talk about reducing fat like with CoolSculpting procedure, we are talking about reducing the fat cells in number for good.

    For a Coolsculpting Schaumburg IL consultation, submit the form on this page or call us at: 847-961-4365.

    How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost? | Coolsculpting Schaumburg IL Cost

    The cost of coolsculpting procedure differs, depending on the area you want to get the treatment done. That is the reason, why a customized treatment plan is created according to your body, budget, and ultimate goal. This is why generally you wouldn’t see the price details online. Rather, you would have to consult the Schaumburg IL CoolSculpting technician. This way you will get a better understanding of the


    There are different applicators used depending upon body area and the amount of fat accumulated in the tissue. This is an important factor when determining the cost of the CoolSculpting procedure. Here is what one can expect:

    • Upper abdominal and the rib area procedure with a large applicator may cost $700-$800

    • Lower abdominal using large applicator $1200-$1500

    • Both upper and lower abdominal areas along with love handles might cost $2500-$3000

    • Just the love handles treatment may cost around $1300-$1500

    (These are estimates only and your price will vary)

    The CoolSculpting procedure is not covered by health insurance plans, but it is worth spending the money if you are trying to lose the stubborn fat and want natural and satisfactory looking results.

    Want to know more about Coolsculpting Schaumburg IL prices or deals? Contact us today by submitting the form or calling: 847-961-4365.

    The Risks Associated with Coolsculpting | Coolsculpting Schaumburg Reviews

    While this procedure is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is certain risk associated with this treatment that you should be aware of.

    One of the most common side effects of this procedure is the bruising, redness, and swelling which doesn’t last for more than 1-3 weeks. Also, one may experience reduced sensation in the areas where the treatment was done. However, it is just temporary. According to FDA, the procedure doesn’t harm muscle tissue or skin instead of the cold temperature which specifically aims at fat cells.

    Some people have enquired if the fat cell breaks down and raises the cholesterol level or the level of triglyceride in the bloodstream. However, the blood test results after the treatment showed nothing as such.

    If you are looking for Coolsculpting in Schaumburg, contact us for a consultation today by clicking the button below or by calling 847-961-4365.

    Disclaimer: CoolSculpting® is a registered trademark of Zeltiq Aesthetics. This website is not affiliated with Zeltiq but only promotes their breakthrough treatments. CoolSculpting® is the treatment doctors use most for non-invasive fat removal. Results are not typical and may vary.

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